🎊Wednesday’s Regional Event🎊
Indonesia Exclusive

💰Trade to earn $15 💰

⏰Event time:
15:00 – 00:00 (GMT+8)

1️⃣ During the event time, deposit at least $50 to be eligible to participate the event (Internal Transfer will not count)
2️⃣ Positions closed within 15 minutes are not counted, and the time for opening and closing positions must be within the event time, Users who hold Long and Short orders at the same time for the same trading pairs will not be eligible
3️⃣ Each transaction must trade $50 with 10x leverage or above (trade bonus is not included)
4️⃣Get $5 for every 3 times you meet the above conditions, maximum you can get $15

Terms and Conditions:
1. Users who have exclusive events for today’s regional events will not be able to participate in global events
2. Only users who have completed KYC are eligible to participate
3. The event reward is a trading bonus,it will be distributed to your account within 7 working days from when the event ends.
4. The list of winners will be announced in each community within 7 working day after the event ends
5. Malicious behaviour such as using multiple accounts with the same IP address will not be eligible for rewards.
6. SnapEx reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, but not limited to amending, changing or cancelling the event without any separate notice.

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