? Wednesday’s Global Event ?

?The Trading competition to share $10,000?

⏰ Event time : 15:00 – 21:00 (GMT+8)


?Activity 1: Trading to obtain $5 Trading Bouns?

1️⃣Complete the deposit at least 50 USDT

2️⃣Trade at least 50 USDT

3️⃣Internal transfer and Trading Bonus will not counted.

?Activity 2: Trading Competition, share $10,000?

1️⃣During the event, it will be ranked according to the cumulative trading margin of individuals.

2️⃣The top 100 can share $10,000 USDT award

3️⃣Trading Bonus will not counted

4️⃣ Users need to trade at least once and need to use at least 10x leverage

5️⃣ Must Finished Activity 1

✅The ranking and rewards are as follows:

1st place: $2,000

2nd – 5th place: $1,000

6th-7th place: $800

8th -10th place: $500

11th – 100th: $10

✅ Users of today’s regional exclusive events will not be able to participate in Global events

✅The list of winners will be announced in each community within 1 day after the event ends.

✅Rewards will be distributed within 1 day after the event ends.

✅ Rewards cannot be withdrawn.

* Reward will be distributed automatically