🎁Tuesday’s Global Event🎁
💰Trading Competition to share $500💰
⏰Event time:
15:00 – 21:00 (GMT+8)

1️⃣Trade at least $10 and use leverage of 10 times or more during the event time to qualify for the competition (trade bonuses will not counted)
2️⃣The ranking will be based on the personal accumulated trading margin
3️⃣ Positions closed within 15 minutes are not counted, and the time for opening and closing positions must be within the event time
4️⃣ Each transaction must use 10x leverage or above
5️⃣If users with the same tranding amount, the ranking will be sorted according to the user’s last transaction time, with the earlier transaction time taking precedence

During the event, users will be ranked according to their transaction amount. Top 50 can share $500
1st : $100
2nd : $80
3rd : $50
4th – 10th: $10
11th – 50th: $5

✅ Users of today’s regional exclusive events will not be able to participate in Global events
✅Only completed KYC accounts are elegible
✅The list of winners will be announced in each community within 1 day after the event ends.
✅Rewards will be distributed within 1 day after the event ends.
✅ Rewards are trading bonus, cannot be withdrawn.